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Your life. Your stories. Your legacy.

What is a BioNovel™?

Your life. Your stories. Your legacy.

A BioNovel™ is your life’s story transformed into an entertaining and engaging novel. It’s not fiction. It’s your life written the way you lived it – giving readers a chance to travel back through time and relive your journey with you.

The typical biographical book is like watching an average documentary on PBS whereas a BioNovel™ is like experiencing a blockbuster movie on the big screen.

“My father bought me my first car. It was a Buick.”

John left the DMV standing tall. With his driver’s license in hand, it was time to put his Schwinn out to pasture. As he approached his bicycle, the rumble of a V-8 engine shook the ground beneath his feet. A glistening, black 1948 Buick Roadmaster raced into the parking lot and sped straight at him! John cringed and braced for impact. At the very last second, the car screeched to a halt. Through the cloud of burning rubber, a man emerged from the driver’s door. A familiar voice called out, “Don’t just stand there like a ninny. Come take your new car out for a spin.” “Dad?” replied John in a state of shock. “You bought me a Roadmaster?” “You’ve earned it,” replied his father. “Besides, no son of mine is gonna drive a Ford.”

Not everyone can afford to have their life made into a movie,
but anyone CAN afford to have their life turned into a BioNovel™.


In The News
  • “I’ve lived quite an unusual life filled with many interesting stories. I’m also an author of top selling books. So I was amazed how Steven captured my favorite stories and wrote them in a truly original and entertaining way. My family can now see a whole other side of me.”

    J. Sugarman

  • “Steven, your writing is excellent. You captured the heated drama and emotions from something that happened over 30 years ago.”

    Mary S.

  • “I wanted something for my family to remember me by. I never thought I’d do something like this and he made it so palatable for me. If I wanted to do a BioNovel again, I’d certainly call him because he’s just so sensitive, kind, interesting and interested. He captured me and my life so well.”


  • “Steven asks great questions which help me re-live my life and enjoy the excitement of being in those moments of time again. This BioNovel format creates a beautiful and interesting word picture of my life. His writing style grabs hold of the reader making them want to read the next page of my story.”


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