Free DIY BioKit |

BioNovel sessions are relaxed conversations and catered specifically for each client.

We discuss stories that you already want to tell. Hence, the sessions are quite different than a straightforward Q & A.

If you want to create your own biographical book, this DIY questionnaire can help get the ball rolling down memory lane. Feel free to use this as a guide for interviewing your friends, family or even yourself!

If you are considering a BioNovel, or gifting one, these questions can help streamline the stories you’d love to have BioNovelized…


  • Before you start, go through some old photo albums. They’ll help spark quite a few memories.
  • Think about the holidays and put yourself in the mindset of telling or hearing your favorite stories.
  • Eat and hydrate. You’ll be amazed how much more you’ll remember on a full stomach.
  • Relax. Take your time. This isn’t a race.
  • And most importantly, enjoy the process!

Let the questions begin…