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Legacy: A Father’s Story


One night while tucking my nine-year-old son into bed, he asked me in his innocent voice, “Why didn’t you know that your dad was going to die?”

“I…I was only thirteen,” I replied while holding back my tears.
“I didn’t know that my time with him would be so short.”

“Well, I bet he had lots of great stories,” he said with a warm smile.
“I really wish I knew him.”

“Me too…me too.”


If I could go back in time and travel alongside my father’s life journey, then I’d truly know the man I called, Dad…and the man my son would have called Grandpa. That’s how the BioNovel idea was born.
Steven Weiss-Smith, Founder

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In The News
  • “I’ve lived quite an unusual life filled with many interesting stories. I’m also an author of top selling books. So I was amazed how Steven captured my favorite stories and wrote them in a truly original and entertaining way. My family can now see a whole other side of me.”

    J. Sugarman

  • “Steven, your writing is excellent. You captured the heated drama and emotions from something that happened over 30 years ago.”

    Mary S.

  • “I wanted something for my family to remember me by. I never thought I’d do something like this and he made it so palatable for me. If I wanted to do a BioNovel again, I’d certainly call him because he’s just so sensitive, kind, interesting and interested. He captured me and my life so well.”


  • “Steven asks great questions which help me re-live my life and enjoy the excitement of being in those moments of time again. This BioNovel format creates a beautiful and interesting word picture of my life. His writing style grabs hold of the reader making them want to read the next page of my story.”


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