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Your life. Your stories. Your legacy.

Your life. Your stories. Your legacy.

The Engagement BioNovel™

A BioNovel™ is your life stories transformed into an entertaining and engaging novel. It’s not fiction. It’s your life written the way you lived it – allowing generations of readers to travel back through time and relive your journey.

Beyond the photo album.

Bring your true love to life with all the vibrancies and emotions captured in the most memorable wedding storybook.

Deeper than the vows.

Create copies to share the full love story with your wedding guests.

The BioNovel™ Experience

Transforming your basic facts…


“I was so nervous that I almost didn’t marry Brendon.”

…into the FULL, fun story.


COLD FEET wasn’t just something that Tabitha felt when the temperature dipped below forty degrees. It was what her feet were doing, or more accurately, not doing, that defined the moment. At the alter stood Brendon, the man of her dreams eagerly awaiting her hand in marriage. He was everything she had wished for – gentle, smart, funny and most importantly, patient. But what was the statute of limitations on patience? Her heart said, “Walk down the isle,” but her legs said, “Run!” Tabitha turned to bolt, but blocking the escape route was her wedding planner and sister, Nikki.
“You’re not going anywhere,” said Nikki calmly, “and neither is he.”
“Nikki. I can’t do it. I can’t get married! What if I mess it up or he stops loving me…”
“Tabby, I believe in you. I believe in him.” Nikki then pulled Tabitha towards the isle. “The only difference between now and two minutes from now is that you’ll be standing next to him.”

With a deep breath, Tabitha took her first steps toward the man she would call her husband for the next ten years, and forever more…


Our Engagement Story

  • A BioNovel that sweeps readers off their feet – from the meet-cute all the way to the big Yes!

    Share your “How we met” story with friends, family, and future generations – perfect if you are looking for a completely unique wedding favor or bridal shower thank you gift.

    This romantic and fun book includes:

    • One 25 page Hard Cover book
    • 5 story related photos
    • Professional Cover Art
    • Recordings of the Interview
    • Starting from $1,900

Our Love Story

  • The full arc of your relationship captured in a BioNovel – the story begins with how you met and continues through the most memorable milestones that have paved the way to becoming the couple you are today.

    Celebrate the greatest moments of your lives together – an ideal Anniversary or Vow Renewal gift for the couple-who-has-everything.

    This extraordinary love tale includes:

    • Two 50 page Hard Cover books
    • 10 story related photos
    • Personalized Cover art by Graphic Designer
    • Recordings of up to 3 Interviews
    • Inquire within

BioNovel™ client stories.

Explore some of our client stories to help inspire the perfect BioNovel™. Let us help you share a moment in time or even your life story!