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“Steven asks great questions which help me re-live my life and enjoy the excitement of being in those moments of time again. This BioNovel format creates a beautiful and interesting word picture of my life. His writing style grabs hold of the reader making them want to read the next page of my story.”

“I wanted something for my family to remember me by. I never thought I’d do something like this and he made it so palatable for me. If I wanted to do a BioNovel again, I’d certainly call him because he’s just so sensitive, kind, interesting and interested. He captured me and my life so well.”

“Steven, your writing is excellent. You captured the heated drama and emotions from something that happened over 30 years ago.”
Mary S.

“I’ve lived quite an unusual life filled with many interesting stories. I’m also an author of top selling books. So I was amazed how Steven captured my favorite stories and wrote them in a truly original and entertaining way. My family can now see a whole other side of me.”
J. Sugarman