First Contact |
Created as a gift to her fiancé, this fun BioNovel™ uses a space probe to tell the true story of how they both fell in love…

In the year 2032, a deep space probe prepares to make first contact with an alien species by researching its data banks on a most unlikely union created on earth – the probe’s creator and his wife.

Chapter 1 “The Awakening”

The Titan Explorer probe pushes forward on its mission toward the Saturn moon. Tiny stars perform a cosmic dance to a song that only the galaxy would know. Suddenly, a loud alarm blares as a blinking red light alerts the Explorer’s AI to awaken from standby.

The AI turns the main running lights on. One monitor indicates a blinking cursor as the main computer continues to boot-up. On screen:

A.I. Command: Date. 21 June 2032. 17 hours before arrival.
Mission: Find new life forms on the Saturn moon, Titan.

The AI speaks robotically, “Activate human to extraterrestrial compatibility protocol. Begin interactive associations scan.” Computer screens scan through random images and videos. One video clip shows a hand inserting a key into a lock that opens a door. “Compatible.” Another clip shows oil globules floating in a lava lamp. “Incompatible.”

“Stop.” All screens freeze. “Narrow search to human to human compatibility.”
One video emerges of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward in the movie A New Kind of Love. “Stop video. Personality traits are too similar to each other. Reset search engines for mismatched personality patterns.”

A video clip emerges of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley walking out on the stage at the 1994 MTV Music Awards. Just as the two are about to kiss, “Stop video. Illogical union.”

A blinking green light alerts the AI that an accurate example has been found. A video clip dated 2010 shows a beautiful woman in overalls painting an abstract object on canvass. The room is cluttered with sculptures and various other artwork from around the world. Dust bunnies float aimlessly along the filthy floor. In the background rests a picture frame of the woman kissing a clean-cut man.
AI zooms in on the photograph. The man wears a perfectly ironed blue jacket that covers a white buttoned-down shirt. “Human subjects appear incompatible yet exhibit signs of love per database definition. Filter search parameters to this male and female.”

Photographs and video clips of the couple fill the screens. Suddenly, all the lights inside the capsule shut off. AI focuses on one video of the man looking into a camera. The word NASA is etched into his lapel. “Hello Titan Explorer! I am your creator, Paul. If you found this video, then you must be approaching first contact with an alien species! To prepare you for this encounter, you must analyze how two completely different people from two very different worlds found each other and fell in love. That analysis will be of me and my wonderful wife, Marie. Let’s begin…”