Wine Country Law |
Wine Country Law
Twenty years after dropping out of law school to raise her family, a stay at home mom will unite a small town by bringing down its corrupt mayor.

Chapter 1 “Not the town she used to know…”

CALLIE LONG has lived a comfortable life in a small, wealthy town in the wine country of Southern California. Running her church’s fundraising committee, helping out as soccer coach and raising her boys, she is the model stay-at-home mom. However, this couldn’t be any further from who she was.

After raising her boys for the past 18 years, Callie became restless in her daily routine of making lunches, doing laundry and having afternoon coffees with her conservative housewife friends. She began daydreaming about her racy law school days wrought with wild love affairs and hardcore criminal law cases. Callie was known as the gorgeous brunette with unconventional methods of working around the law to preserve it. Both feared and revered, men swooned over her. This was a young woman with a big career ahead of her.

Callie’s dreams of becoming a human rights attorney came to a halt when she became pregnant. Although madly in love with another man, Callie married the father of her soon-to-be born child. As time went by, her husband became a hotshot litigator and an abusive, closet alcoholic. Callie found herself trapped in a position of protecting her boys while maintaining the facade of the perfect family.

Today, things have settled down. However, Callie needed a change. When she uncovered a scam involving the county’s educational funds, the inner lawyer in her began to ask questions. In order to prove her theory, she’d have to go up against the ‘old boys club’ city council – many of which were her husband’s golfing buddies. That’s when JANNY HIBBS, a law school student with a passion for human rights, showed up at her door.